Sometimes we treat giving like the lights on a car’s dashboard. When it comes on, something needs immediate attention. If ignored, then it might lead to something failing but if we address it then it runs more effectively. When God turns on the indicator light of our heart towards being generous, it’s because He is looking to grow us and develop our hearts to be more reflective of who He is – Christ is a giver. Would you please consider becoming a weekly or monthly partner with us or consider giving a special gift to the ministry?


If Freedom Ministries or Pastor Larry’s teaching has blessed you in any way, will you give a gift to help us continue bringing the teaching of God’s Word and His truth to a world in need? As costs rise for everyone, we are feeling this too with increasing costs for online broadcasts, our podcast ministry as well as paying for very high licensing that’s needed for artwork and graphics. Will you stand with us so that we don’t have to make any budget cuts towards any of our outreaches in taking needed truth, based on God’s Word, to those who need it most?


Within the last year, we have launched a brand-new website. This was a very costly endeavor. It has numerous Biblical resources available for download for FREE. We are excited to have witnessed how Christ has used this invaluable resource in bringing the gospel (good news) to those who desperately need to hear about Jesus Christ. We could not do this without you.


We have also launched a brand-new podcast for FREE @ Pastor Larry’s podcasts are broadcast and uploaded several times during the week.


If you haven’t checked out any of these resources lately, please log onto to find all the FREE resources that are available to you and the world, including Pastor Larry’s podcasts.


Your continued generosity makes it possible for us to share the message of Christ and His truth with people who need it so badly. Your gift of any kind, regardless of size, is greatly appreciated and will only be used for furthering God’s Word. We can’t do that without your partnership with us.


If God leads you to partner with us, secure online giving is available at:


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