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Join us this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for messages geared toward our 2022 theme "Better Together." Check out Pastor Larry's message by clicking the "WATCH" button below or check out our Messages page.


Becoming a Compassionate & Caring Christian - Series

We can find it relatively easy to love those that love us. It can be easy for us to show care and love for those who show it to us. We often live our lives being compassionate and caring to who love us and care for us. When we love people and do for people like this does it really move the heart of God? Join us for a look into the book of Luke.

Loving Others Like Jesus - Series

We fall in love; we fall out of love. Why is that so easy to do and why can't we be consistent at loving others? Doesn't everyone deserve to be loved? Need to be loved? Want to be loved? Of course, we all do, but not everyone is loved and at times we ourselves aren't that lovable, nor do we love others as like we should. So, what do we do? We go to the One who is the author of love and is constant in love and never wavers in His love towards us. It is Jesus. He teaches us how to love others and what we find is that love is the greatest gift we can give someone. Join me in John 15 to listen to Jesus teach the disciples this great truth of loving others as He does.

Growing a Deeper Faith and a Closer Relationship with God - Podcast

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